Custom Orders

Custom orders are welcome. I will happily work with the client to create a unique lampshade, all your own. Clients are welcome to be as involved, or as uninvolved, in the designing process as they choose. To inquire about custom orders fill out the form on the contact page with the subject line 'Custom Order.'  Please be advised that custom orders take 3-4 months to complete depending on the shade. Commissions begin at $800.


Reorders on Sold Out Stock

Each Silk Parlor lampshade is handmade and most are on one of a kind, vintage lampbases. The fabrics and styles are constantly changing and no two shades are exactly alike. However, some shades can be recreated upon request. If you see a shade style you desire from the 'Shades' page, but it is not for sale, send an email via the contact page and another shade in that same style can usually be made especially for you.